tailor-made music for you

Music is the most intensive way to inspire, express and transport emotions. Pictures, lyrics and even products arouse feelings, especially through music. Let us help you, to express whatever you like. Through music. Tailor-made music for you.


Your Song!

If you want to express something special, maybe to someone special, let us help you to tell your story, express your feelings or anything else through music and lyrics.


Film Music

We create tailor-made music for your film before it`s cutted. Save one production step and present your costumer the story-board including an unique film music.



We can put anything you want to tell or express into words. Just share your thoughts with us and we will find the best way to articulate your message.


Sound Logo

We make your business and it´s products unforgettable - through individually and tailor-made sound logos suited to your coporate design and your costumers.

lojam music is tailor-made and particular produced for every costumer!

Individual Music Prices